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Samantha McClelland - Iowa

A merchandise buyer by day, Samantha McClelland gets up close and personal with brands and make the decision if they would be a good fit for her customer. In a way, she gets to do the same thing on her blog The Brunette One. She has perfectly pared down her style to be a good fit for her and we love her consistently classic looks. The blogger splits her time between taking gorgeous outfit photos, cooking up delish recipes and showcasing the most chic DIYs ever!



Hometown & Current City/State:

Urbandale, Iowa

Why did you decide to create your blog?

I created my blog four years ago after graduating college. I was in the middle of job searching and needing to help pass the time between interviews and my night job working as a Miller Lite Girl. I had started a blog for a class in college and figured, why not? What started as a place to collect my daily thoughts and ramblings turned into a single outfit collage created on Polyvore that gained a lot of great comments and feedback and the rest they say is history!

How would you describe your style?

My style is very feminine but I would like to think it has a bit of an edge. The best part about personal style is dressing to your mood. Sometimes I want to feel very girly while other times sexy or tomboyish. I love fashion because it’s about how it makes you feel and doesn’t necessarily always have to define you or constrict you to certain molds. If you love it and feel great in what you are wearing, that’s what matters!

Where do you pull your inspiration from?

I get my fashion inspiration from fellow bloggers and women I see on the street or randomly passing by. I am always one to stop someone and ask where they got it from. I also love my girl Sophia Bush – she’s been killing it lately in the fashion department!

What is your go-to outfit on “blah” days?

My go-to outfit includes boyfriend jeans, a slouchy tank and these slide sandals I just picked up from J.Crew or heels depending on my mood. Comfortable but still put together. I usually keep my accessories minimal, so a gold necklace, watch, my pearl earrings (a 21st birthday gift), and my wedding rings.

What beauty items can you not live without?

I can’t leave the house without mascara – I’ve been obsessed with Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I feel naked if I leave the house without mascara on!

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