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Sharena Chindavong - Tennessee

Tennessee isn’t all cowboy boots and flannel! Blogger Sharena Chindavong of Fashion of a Novice is changing that with her edgy, youthful and fun style. Although she lives in a town with only two shopping malls, she’s managed to keep her style fresh (with the help of the thrift shops!)




Nashville, TN

Current city/state:

Nashville, TN

Why did you create your blog?

I created my blog because I love getting inspired by others and to aspire as well. Also, I wanted to show the world that Tennessee is so much more than just cowboy boots and red rhinestones.

Where is the most stylish place in Tennessee?

The most stylish place in Tennessee would have to be in the areas of 12th South and East Nashville.

Must-have beauty products?

My must-have beauty products include Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and Flora by Gucci perfume in the Gorgeous Gardenia scent!

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