Hilarious Tumblr Dedicated to Brandy's Style & Those Who "Copy It" (See the Guilty Stars Inside!)

Hilarious Tumblr Dedicated to Brandy’s Style & Those Who “Copy It” (See the Guilty Stars Inside!)

Tumblrs are like an alternate reality.  There have been tumblrs dedicated to every possible style, fancy or fetish.  There are celebrity fan tumblrs, celebrity style tumblrs, and one of the funniest ones that we’ve come across in a while: the Celebs That Copy Brandy tumblr!

“Celebs That Copy Brandy” highlights the trail blazing style of Brandy Norwood. While this is no longer the 90s and Brandy hasn’t blazed a style trail in a long long time, especially before being cast on “The Game,”  we love the irony and strident devotion that the owners of this Tumblr have for drawing the hilarious comparisons that they draw between Brandy and other celebrities.

Lana Del Rey wore a red trenchcoat, she copied Brandy.  Kim Kardashian volunteered at the Los Angeles Mission, she copied Brandy. The Queen of England wore an orange double-breasted coat, and, yes, she too copied Brandy.  But hey, why shouldn’t you think that Brandy is the center of the universe?  Thank you tumblr for carving a niche for eternal Brandy fans everywhere. Check out a few of our fave comparisons from “Celebs that Copy Brandy.”

Caption: “Repeat offender Kim Kardashian copies Brand.”

  • This is a ridiculous article frankly.  Where does brandy get her’s ?  I like Brandy and the issue that is talked abut here is stupid

    • uh-nonymous

      Its supposed to be a joke. lighten up.

      • KeptWoman

        This DEFINITELY has to be a joke anytime Bossip says “Queen Elizabeth” is jocking Brandy’s style :/
        Really? Does the Queen even know who Brandy is?

        It’s all in fun. I’m not mad at you.

    • It seems like Brandy is the original or needless to say a trendsetter, b/c no one including you has been able to show “us” where she got her style/ideas from. Like someone else said, LIGHTEN UP & CHILLAX, it’s all in fun 🙂