StyleBlazer TV Fashion Week Exclusive: Designer LaQuan Smith Debuts Futuristic 'Robotic Dream' Collection (Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Cassie)

StyleBlazer TV Fashion Week Exclusive: Designer LaQuan Smith Debuts Futuristic ‘Robotic Dream’ Collection (Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Cassie)

The Cellar Bar at Bryant Park was transformed into a 21st century underground rave to host designer, LaQuan Smith's, Fall 2012 debut. Infectious dance-tunes blared through the speakers while attendees walked the installment mesmerized by the futuristic elements the young designer was able to seamlessly infuse into his upcoming line. The fantasy collection, dubbed, 'Robotic Dream,' is stocked with dynamic pieces.

When asked where does one wear LaQuan Smith, the designer gushes, "I think there is an array of places you can wear LaQuan Smith. My goal was to create a collection that was full of energy and life. I want a woman to be able to walk out the house wearing my pieces and feel completely comfortable."

But honestly, the New York native's off-kilter designs are reserved exclusively for those bold, fearless StyleBlazers. Rihanna, Gaga, Nicki Minaj anyone?

Enjoy the video above, and when you're done, indulge in the gallery below.


  • Kay

    wow good to see him living his dream, i remember in junior high we used to talk about designs

  • Thebaseshow

    I love  Laquan’s brand , we need more black designers. The idustry dont understand the need to have young energetic black minds . I watched the videos and you wold that that black designer dont exist. I know several of them . They are more fabulous than the average designer at fashion week .Black designers please stay Strong.

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