Top 50 Brands Millennials Love

Millennials Love Forever 21 According to a Teen Vogue Study

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The days where Osh Kosh or Arizona jeans sufficed teenage purchasing appetite are long gone. A poll done by investment  bank Goldman Sachs and Teen Vogue surveyed 1,200 millennial “it girls” on what influential fashion brands they spend their money on. While some lower cost brands ranked high on the list like H&M (#8), eos (#4), Target (#5), Neutrogena (#17) and PINK Victoria’s Secret (#2), there were also some high-end, luxury brands that made the cut. Michael Kors, (#20), Chanel (#29), and Kate Spade (#44) also made an impact on the list.

The brand that took the number one spot, however, didn’t come to our surprise. Forever 21 landed the top rank. The Los Angeles based company garners over $3 billion in sales and has become a successful fast fashion brand boasting collaborations from Barbie to Basquiat. Their diverse range of clothing available for men, kids and a range of sizes for women including pluz-size certainly helps too.

The “Teen Vogue-Sachs Love List” used three metrics of familiarity, affinity and word of mouth to compile the data. See the full list of brands that made the cut below.



[via: Yahoo Style]