3D-Printed 'Grillz' Made From Hip-Hop Lyric Algorithms

You’ll Never Guess What These 3D-Printed Grills Are Made From


What if we said you can own a grill created by your favorite rap song? Sounds impossible. However, New York based artist Roopa Vasudevan made the impossible possible.

The artist debuted “Grillz” at the Dumbo Arts Festival last month. The exhibit encompasses five polished gold steel grills made from a 3D printer using algorithms from analyzed hip-hop lyrics on the basis of references “to extreme poverty—the projects, drug dealing, prostitution—as well as extreme weath—cars, cash, jewelry and the like,” as explained on her site.


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The Notorious B.I.G. “Juicy,” Fat Joe featuring Lil Wayne “Make It Rain,” Rick Ross “Hustlin’,” Puff Daddy “Been Around The World,” and Jay-Z “Hard Knock Life(Ghetto Anthem)” are the five hits that Vasudevan used to create her collection of grills. She used Pygenius Python Library to process the language and then used the Geomerative and Modelbuilder libraries to create the wearable pieces.

Not only do these grills have serious bling, they represent some of the most iconic rap songs. This is by far the coolest hip-hop inspired art exhibit we’ve ever seen. Crossing our fingers the artist will start taking orders soon.

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All Photos: Courtesy of Roopa Vasudevan

[via: Complex]