"How I Made It" Season 2: Episode 2 - Deidre Jefferies

“How I Made It” Season 2: Episode 2 – Deidre Jefferies


Hey StyleBlazers, welcome to Season 2 of our exclusive How I Made It web series. On this show we are shining the spotlight on fearless, original and inspirational people in women’s fashion and beauty.

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About This Episode

Elegant, graceful and stylish, fashion designer Deidre Jefferies is poised to take the world by storm with her luxury clothing line, ESPION. ESPION, which means, “Spy” in French, debuted in New York during Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011. For Deidre, this collection is a labor of love, inspired by the beauty in all things masculine and strength in all things feminine. She describes her line as opulent, sophisticated and truly one of a kind.

Consistently inspired by courageous women, Deidre Jefferies further explains her collection as, “…the intrigue and mystery that a woman evokes when she walks into a room. You don’t dare take your eyes away, for you know you will miss something spectacular. The ESPION woman is the woman everyone wants to know, the criminal everyone wants alive.”

A truly inspiring woman and brilliantly creative designer, watch and listen as Deidre Jefferies shares how she made it.

Episode Credits

  • Original music by Kenneth Whalum III
  • Director: Jon Goff
  • Executive Producer: Liz Burr
  • Producer: Raven Carter
  • Associate Producer: Metanoya Z. Webb
  • Camera Operator: Leighton Pope
  • Makeup: Mimi Kamara