Lottabody New Products Debut

Lottabody Rolls Out New Collection Of Haircare For Multiple Textures

lottabody new productsPhoto: Courtesy of Lottabody

Change is good, especially when it comes hair care. Women will always want more, at an affordable price and with desirable results– especially if said products leave hair healthy.

“Women today are smarter and savvier than ever and look for beauty products that solve their style challenges,” said Shawn Tollerson, Vice President of Multicultural Marketing at Revlon Pro. “Our new Lottabody Style Collection will not only help women get the look they want will also provide nourishment and protection to help them grow or maintain healthier hair.”

Lottabody has revamped their look and products to cater to a more Renaissance women. As a naturalista myself, sometimes I want to wear my hair curly, sometimes straight. These products allow for styling both ways, and work for the women with chemical treatment as well.

And for those of you who were unsatisfied by previous Lottabody products, give these another try. They’ve added natural ingredients –shea and coconut oil– that treat locs with care. Priced from $2.79 to $4, their worth the risk.

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