How I Made It: Aliza Licht, DKNY PR Girl/ SVP At Donna Karan

How I Made It: Aliza Licht, SVP At Donna Karan And DKNY PR Girl

Regardless of whether you know Aliza Licht on a first name basis or not, chances are you are pretty familiar with DKNY PR Girl, the award-winning social media personality which has amassed over a half million followers and become a true trailblazer in how the fashion world approaches social media. Learn Aliza’s story of the creation of the popular social media voice behind @DKNY as well as get a glimpse into the day of the life of a fashion publicist and senior vice president at Donna Karan in the video above.

About This Episode

Originally aspiring to become a doctor, Aliza Licht didn’t know she wanted to try her hand in public relations until she realized she had a knack for speaking to the people. After a stint in magazines, Aliza started her first PR job at Donna Karan, remained loyal and worked her way up the career ladder at the American fashion brand. In 2009, she created DKNY PR Girl and began to make her social media imprint on the fashion industry influencing various other brands and insiders along the way while overseeing press and fashion shows for all labels under the Donna Karan umbrella. Aliza had also received numerous accolades by various magazines and newspapers, including being chosen as one of Six Women Who Rule the Fashion World by TIME. Her first book, LEAVE YOUR MARK, will be released in spring 2015. Watch her firsthand story on how she “made” it in the video above!


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