StyleBlazer Beauty: Wait…This Nail Polish Costs How Much?

Just when you thought Tom Ford Nail Lacquer was a grip at $30 a pop, get ready to wrap your mind around this: Red Carpet Manicure has a golden at-home LED Manicure that retails…wait for it…wait for it…$5,000. WHY?

We learned it contains a full ounce of gold, but then that was it.  Although we did wait to hear if it also included someone to apply the polish to our nails and you know, tidy up the house a bit, too.

So who in the world would buy a $5,000 polish? According to, Rihanna’s celebrity manicurist Kimmy Kyees used the gilded lacquer on the pop star for the Grammys. It’s not even anything to sneeze about. Girl, get you some Essie.


What’s your take, StyleBlazers? Could you rock a $5,000 mani?



-Danielle Gray


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  1. says:

    Red Carpet Manicure is a great at home gel manicure system. But this one
    color, for $5,000? No. Just no. I’ll keep buying their $10 regular gel

  2. says:

    Nope i’ll just pay my $25 for my gel manicure

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