Rihanna’s Climate Confused Dinner Outfit in London (Was This Cutoffs, Turtleneck & Blazer Combo Haute or Not?)

  • Divat56


  • juliemango

    Alls presentable but the necklace n shoes!!!

  • Heaven4a_G

    I dont like this on her

  • stressfree

    i like it

  • Truth Slayer

    This chick is twisted! Ughly!

  • Whatchoo talkinbout willis

    this costume iz clearly az confused az she iz

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    Everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die

  • Mz_ebony_eyes

    Love it… Risky and “twisted”… I dig it… This girl’s style is a” love it or hate it” type of situation.. Never an “ok”… Do it girl!

  • Osie

    She usually looks terrible.  If she had style, she’s look really good.  She’s a weird person.

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