Rihanna’s Climate Confused Dinner Outfit in London (Was This Cutoffs, Turtleneck & Blazer Combo Haute or Not?)

Party gyal, Rihanna stepped out on the London streets to eat with her bestie last Wednesday night.  Perhaps she wanted to be prepared for any type of weather heading to Pan-Asian restaurant, Novikov.  At least her outfit made it seem that way.  She rocked cut-off jean shorts and open toe sandals but paired them with a turtleneck, winter blazer, and thick black stockings.  Don’t forget the shades at night.  Too much going on or just right?

Peep more shots in the gallery below…



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  1. says:

    Alls presentable but the necklace n shoes!!!

  2. says:

    I dont like this on her

  3. says:

    This chick is twisted! Ughly!

  4. says:

    this costume iz clearly az confused az she iz

  5. says:

    Everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die

  6. says:

    Love it… Risky and “twisted”… I dig it… This girl’s style is a” love it or hate it” type of situation.. Never an “ok”… Do it girl!

  7. says:

    She usually looks terrible.  If she had style, she’s look really good.  She’s a weird person.

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