StyleBlazer TV Exclusive: Real Style Captured on the Streets of NYC (Top Models, Chanel Trousers & Lots of Fur)




We typically bring you the fabulous flair of stylish NYC dwellers via our weekly Street Fashion Shots, taken exclusively for StyleBlazer by Mari J. Brooklyn. As of late, the trending topics on the sidewalks have been color, prints, and loads of attractive layers—real fur, faux fur and everything in between. This go round, our featured subjects up'd the glam factor a notch. From stitched Chanel trousers and vintage outerwear to a thrifty darling suited in head-to-toe threads that costs less than $100, leave it up to NYC StyleBlazers to satisfy a variety of fashion appetites.

Take a moment to indulge in the video above...



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  • << Work at home, $45/h, link

    Faint heart never won fair lady

  • writingmomma

    That is a NO-NO outfit! Too much bulk.