10 Natural Hair Extensions Brands To Know

10 Natural Hair Extensions Brands You Need to Know

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Where do girls go to find a weave that mimics their natural hair texture?

Historically, women with naturally curly or kinky hair have struggled to find hair extensions that match their unique hair texture. The market has long been saturated with hair companies that cater to the lady who wants a full head of Malaysian curly or straighter-than-straight 24″ virgin Indian hair. However, not every lady wants to rock hair extensions that have no trace of kink or with curls that are too loose or shiny.

Within the past few years, entrepreneurs have responded to the growing dilemma that many naturals face of finding a hair company that sells weave that looks like their hair in its natural state. The versatility of wearing natural hair extensions means that you don’t have to do as much manipulation (such as straightening or curling) to get the two textures to match. You also can experiment with coloring and styling that you may not want to do on your own hair. Better yet, others are less likely to know that you’re wearing extensions. Who doesn’t get tired of the age-old question, “Is that a weave?”

Here’s our list of 10 hair companies that sell naturally-textured hair extensions for the gal with kinky/curly hair. Most of the companies offer a variety of options including wigs, clip-in wefts, closures, and sew-in extensions. Scroll through to see our top picks for best hair extensions brand!

Heat Free Hair

best hair extensions brand

Photo:  Heat Free Hair

Founded in 2012, Heat Free Hair has become a go-to retailer for 100% virgin hair extensions that match a woman’s natural curl pattern. Beyond selling wefted hair, clip-ins, closures, and wigs, Heat Free Hair teaches a “heat free” philosophy that encourages women to “toss their blow dryers and flat irons in the closets and grow their hair to new lengths,” which is a protective styling manifesto at its best. For more heat-free style inspiration, check out the Heat Free Hair Instagram page.

Haute Kinky Hair

best hair extensions brand

Photo: Haute Kinky Hair

When Toni Murray founded Haute Kinky Hair, she wanted to create a hair line that “looked and acted like naturally textured hair.”  Haute Kinky Hair offers 3 unique textures: Kinks, Curls, and Coils and is one of the only lines that offers a wig unit especially for ladies who want a gray-colored option (see image above.) The premium virgin hair is reusable and can last up to a year with proper maintenance and care.

Private Stock Hair

best hair extensions brand

Photo: Private Stock Hair

Private Stock Hair offers relaxed to natural 100% virgin human hair and specializes in Type 3a-Type 4 natural hair textures. The company offers fully customized services for their wigs, closures and clip-in hair products so that everyone has a “tailored fit.”  Their two lines include the Naturally Yours Kinky Curls Collection and True Essence Signature Wigs Collection.

Runway Curls

best hair extensions brand


Photo: Runways Curls Classic in Play Boy

Runways Curls sells 100% Ethiopian-textured Virgin Hair in 12 to 26 inches, 3.5-4 oz bundles. Most of the hair in the Classic line can be be colored, dyed, bleached, and straightened. Hair reverts to original curl pattern when washed. Retail prices range from $95-$165 per bundle per length.

CurlSistas Hair

best hair extensions brand  

Photo: CurlSistas Hair

CurlSistas Hair was founded by beauty influencer Joy Adaeze (left) and her fiance Obi Okere and launched in October 2014. The hair is 100% Virgin human hair and matches with curly and kinky textured hair ranging from the 3B-4C curl type. CurlSistas Hair comes in 3 textures: Chi-Chi Curl, Chima Curl and Adaeze Curl and is available in 16″, 18″ , or 20″ lengths. To watch a quick and informative tutorial of how to install the lines’ clip-in units, click here.

International Hair Company

best hair extensions brand

Photo: International Hair Company

International Hair Company carries hair extension options for the lady with a looser or less-kinky curl. Their premium virgin Indian Kinky Curly and Deep Wave lines mimic the curl pattern of these textures, can be dyed, colored, or straightened, and are reusable for up to a year (or more.)

My Natural Hair Extensions

best hair extensions brand

Photo: My Natural Hair Extensions

Their motto? Phenomenal Hair For Women of ColorMy Natural Hair Extensions are made to bend flawlessly with African-American textured hair. Their extensions allow users to have thick tresses while maintaining a natural appearance and come in a variety of options including Kinky Straight, Perm Yaki, Coarse Yaki, Kinky Curly, Afro Yaki, and more.

King Me Hair

best hair extensions brand

Photo: King Me Hair

With textures options such as Koily, Kurly, Kinky, and Koarse, King Me Hair offers a variety of quality options to match natural hair textures. Here, the model is wearing King Me Kinky (16″ closure with three 16″ bundles) in a blonde color that has been colored. King Me Hair offers blonde options to give customers the added ease of trying trendy colors like purple, blue, green, etc. without the need of having to do the first step of using bleach or other harmful chemicals themselves.

Indique BOUNCE Collection

best hair extensions brand

Photo: Indique Bounce Organic Curl

Popular hair extension line Indique offers BOUNCE, a collection of steam textured Indian natural human hair extensions in tangle-free curl patterns and styles. The Bounce Organic Curl Collection hair has a unique coiled pattern that allows you to create a gorgeous tightly curled hairstyle or brush through for a natural afro-inspired style. Hair can be washed or blow-dried regularly and is reusable for up to a year.

Big Chop Hair

best hair extensions brand

Photo: Big Chop Hair in Blown Straight

If you’re looking for hair that you can use during your big chop journey, Big Chop Hair offers 100% human hair extensions and specializes in extensions that help you protect your hair while maintaining a naturally curly/kinky look. Their Blown Straight line comes in a wefted hair and closure option so you can do a straight look without having to worry about damaging your own hair. StyleBlazer readers, enjoy FREE SHIPPING by using the code “styleblazer” during checkout.

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    “International Hair Company carries hair extension options for the lady with a looser or less-kinky
    curl. Their premium virgin Indian Kinky Curly and Deep Wave lines mimic
    the curl pattern of these textures …” THANK YOU <3 This article is amazing. I'm a black woman, but I don't have kinky hair & it's hard for me to find extensions as time because while I do have actual looser curls, the extensions I see are either TOO loose or just kinky. Rana Campbell, you did an awesome job with this post.

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    Hard to believe you guys missed Cashmere Hair. The clip in hair extensions are 100% remy human hair. They are among the best quality of hair on the market. Anyways good article and info about the multi billion hair industry.

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    Definitely Karmin Easy Clips

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    Big Chop hair is horrible. I had it in my head for a month and it is all ratty and gross now. Before I went natural, I was an avid weave wearer and when I had good weave I was able to weave it for 2-3 months, take it out, rewear it maybe one or two more times and then turn it into clip ins. This hair didn’t even make it through the first sew in. I got 2 bundles of the corkscrew hair in 16inch. Loved it initially! It was so cute and full. I had a partial sew in. After about a week I could tell there were problems. I was always detangling and losing lots of hair, even when I was following all of the proper measures to detangle like holding the root and starting form the bottom. SO many knots and it was just bad. Cute while it lasted I guess, but for that money I could have just rocked my own fro and invested in some great products…or bought a purse or something. I would not recommend. I have yet to try Hergivienhair, but next time I would spend the extra and see how that works out.

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