Chick Stole My Look! Did These Celebrities Steal the Style From Another Starlet? (You Be the Judge!)

StyleBlazers get trends from three main sources: runways, retailers,and the most captivating of all, celebrities.  And where do celebrities get their trend alerts?  Runways,  retailers, and the most obvious of all, other celebrities!

For celebrities it’s always a heated race to be spotted wearing the hottest, newest and  latest ‘big thing.’  And just like any race, competitors can’t help but to look around to see who’s doing what so they can make sure they do it too (and better).  So they copy.  Are they ashamed? Nope.  Is it wrong?Maybe.  Is it entertaining? Abso-f’n-lutely!

Check out these “celeb-copycats,” who we suspect stole their style from someone else.

Suspect #1: Cee Cee

Ok, we’re starting you StyleBlazers off easy because we think this one is a dead giveaway.  So, as if we need to ask, which young celeb do you think Ciara copied her brown-rooted blond tresses from?  Flip the page to find out.


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  1. says:

    Too many pages to click. You actually want me to click 11 pages?! Sheesh.

  2. says:

    I wish Ciara would get a new hairstyle. I’m sick of the lace front with a part down middle. She has nice hair, so why not wear it?

  3. says:

    why dont they show how rihanna copied karrueches hair though -____-

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