Currently Trending: The Baseball Cap/ Stiletto Boot Combo (As Seen Roaming the Streets of NYC)

Who saw it coming? The baseball cap has been a popular accessory on recent NYC street style round-up’s, and we must admit, we love it! A sporty baseball cap can give your favorite boot and coat combo a fun edge, as seen on the many fashionistas roaming the streets during New York Fashion Week 2012.

Unlike wool hats that can dry out your hair, baseball caps are casual, cool, and good for your strands. What do you say StyleBlazers, will you be throwing a baseball hat into your wardrobe anytime soon?

Check out more of our favorite street style baseball cap moments below…


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  1. says:

    I’ve worn this look especially while attending a basketball or football game – I didn’t realize it was so trendy! :)

  2. says:

    Love it! especially on the day before you wash your blow dry out.. lol :) 

  3. says:

    this is nothing new. i been seen women rock this style. years ago

  4. says:

    This is in no way stylish if you’re gonna pair a blue cap with leopard print booties or a red cap (CHECKERED to boot cap) and all black. Two women actually pulled it off in those images – 1st and third. It isn’t my fave trend but if you follow it, do it right don’t mess it up.

  5. says:

    not hot to me, wouldn’t wear it myself cause i’m preferably a kicks chick but to each their own

  6. says:

    Nope, just…

  7. says:

    I was just telling my friend about this trend this morning. I loved it since I first saw Rihanna rocking it earlier this year. I love it. I live in Florida and I plan on rocking this trend heavy this summer. ♥

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