Our Favorite Celebrity Odd Couple is Engaged! (We Highlighted Their Best Style Moments to Celebrate)

  • Trisha_B

    Love them! They always look so happy. I’m happy for them & wish them best.
    I love the ring, it’s simple & classy

  • Indiaty69

    I’m totally In love with this couple!

  • Nina Dashotta

    I told my husband if she would “rocken” up her look, they would be magnificent. He’s Jimi Hendrix and she’s Chaka Khan during her Rufus days. What I mean by that is her style overtakes him and his when it should compliment him. Just look at the pics, she’s dressed exotic and he’s dressed eccentric. If she can do a new style that will show stop them both you can then see they actually compliment each other well.



  • Sportshy

    She dresses him just like Kanye….Yeezy wears something, then WIZard imitates it, look how he dressed for the grammy’s, def Yeezy circa 2 yrs ago….lame a$$es….hahaha

    • Prettygurl258

      there r so mny ppl haterin on them i bet ya’ll all ya’ll mny yall wish yall was half az happy az there r yall sum loserz

  • Prettygurl258

    U a hater loser

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