StyleBlazer Survey: Would You Pay $5,800 for Kanye West Designed Heels or Has 'Ye Bumped His Head?

StyleBlazer Survey: Would You Pay $5,800 for Kanye West Designed Heels or Has ‘Ye Bumped His Head?

Kanye West is no stranger to the fashion world. He doesn’t dress like the typical rapper and he’s been welcomed by the stylish elite. Last year, ‘Ye showed his womenswear line in Paris and all anyone could talk about was the shoes. He even had model Chanel Iman rocking a pair.

The cream, knitted and beaded heels certainly got the StyleBlazer stamp of approval. Well now, those fly sandals, which he collaborated with Giuseppe Zanotti on, are available to the public. That’s great news, right? But when the $5,800 price tag was revealed, people were flabbergasted. Even established shoe designers like Louboutin, Blahnik and Zanotti have more affordable options.

Tell us StyleBlazers, if money were no option, would you buy Kanye’s heels? Or has he lost his mind?

For those on a tighter budget, click to see a more “affordable” pair of Kanye’s shoes. The strappy heels are $930.

  • no no no

    that shoe (much like the line of clothes kanye designed) is ugg-lee. i wouldn’t pay $58 or even $5.80 for those things. however i might wear them around the block if someone paid me. 

  • geegee

    I dont really care for those shoes, regardless of who designed them. Its just not my style, even if they were free. But hey! Whatever floats your boat….do you boo

  • miko

    They’re not terrible… They remind me of a pair of aquatic-inspired McQueens.But what’s wrong here is that the strappy part of the shoe itself isn’t flattering with the adornments, and those 2 stacked rolls up top are all leaned and off balance looking (not purposely either)

  • Capkedaone

    Those are hot but cost tooooo much

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