StyleBlazer Survey: Would You Pay $5,800 for Kanye West Designed Heels or Has ‘Ye Bumped His Head?

  • no no no

    that shoe (much like the line of clothes kanye designed) is ugg-lee. i wouldn’t pay $58 or even $5.80 for those things. however i might wear them around the block if someone paid me. 

  • geegee

    I dont really care for those shoes, regardless of who designed them. Its just not my style, even if they were free. But hey! Whatever floats your boat….do you boo

  • miko

    They’re not terrible… They remind me of a pair of aquatic-inspired McQueens.But what’s wrong here is that the strappy part of the shoe itself isn’t flattering with the adornments, and those 2 stacked rolls up top are all leaned and off balance looking (not purposely either)

  • Capkedaone

    Those are hot but cost tooooo much

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