The Bigger The Better…Eve Reemerges with A Diana Ross Inspired Do’ (Do We Love It?)

Leaked photo’s of rapper Eve recently surfaced and she looks quite different from how we remember her.  The “Pitbull In A Skirt” is rumored to be releasing new music within the year and could this be her new image?  We certainly hope so.

Trading in her blonde hue for a darker brown in big voluminous crimps, the bold Diana Ross-esque hairdo works perfectly for her.  She almost looks likes a lioness in these pictures with those wild curls and her animal print maxi dress, but she’s giving us a sneak peek of something fresh and we’re excited!


StyleBlazers, are you feeling Eve’s new look?


 -Tunisia Z. Wilson


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  1. says:

    It’s always great to try a new look, just accustomed to Eve’s shorter hair since those looks showed off her pretty face. Can’t wait to hear her new music.

  2. says:

    Hmmmm maybe a little bit more groomed, then I would like it.. And is that another wig hanging out back there on the couch.. lolol.. Love Eve but, #comeson.. lol… 

  3. says:

    Look at the other hair on the couch on the back

  4. says:

    She look broke…

  5. says:

    She look good….

  6. says:

    I like it.

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