Blazin’ or Blasé: Willow Smith Dyes Her Baldie Candy Apple Green (From Black to Blonde to Green, OH MY!)

Will and Jada’s eccentric child is at it again. Willow Smith, one of our favorite young StyleBlazers, doesn’t seem to be slowing up on the hair dye. This time the pre-teen singer tinted her low-cut Hulk green. We can’t deny that we love Willow’s free spirit. Have fun while you’re young, no? Leave the serious styles for the adults. What do you think?


  • none of your damn bizz

    rise of the bulb head

  • Don

    Even a worm will turn

  • greygoose125

    I hope that this child’s hair is being properly treated/conditioned prior to the color changes. 

    The Smiths have the financial means to access experienced beauticians/hairstylists, so that Willow’s hair style is a choice and not a result of hair loss from chemical treatments.

  • Phadra

    I think is really sad and ridiculous that this child have to grow up so fast. I blame the parents, so what they rich “stars” but where is the guideline of parenthood. She too grow and it need to STOP. SMH WATCH NEXT HEADLINES WELLOW’S PREGNANT TO SISQO, kid hair gon be Purple. One BIG COLORFUL FAMILY. JADA CUT YOUR LIKE ON SET IT OFF PAINT IT Canary ORANGE. LOL

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