Shirtless For a Dinner Party…Is Cassie’s Paris Fashion Faux Pas Blazin’ or Blasé? (Diddy Quit Dressing Cassie!)

Cassie is over at Paris Fashion Week party and show-hopping with her Diddyboppin boo. We’ve shown you some of the unconfirmed couple’s fly fashion week outfits but Cassie’s wardrobe is getting a bit more…interesting. And some of these ensembles look like they may have been thrown together by her man. Fringes, rips and chains—shirtless for a dinner party—does Diddy have Cassie in Europe committing fashion faux pas? Excuse our French but they are in Frraaaance. See more flicks below…



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  1. says:

     Like….Im just ova her… *yawn*

  2. says:

    What does she do again?

    be blessed…

  3. says:

    A messy mess. 

  4. says:

    Just tacky…

  5. says:

    Seriously, let her revise her career. It is obvious she wants the spotlight, even though no1 is checking for her. But she is pretty, she can do some modelling. P Diddy cannot take her any further in her “music” if the public does not care about it.

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