Is Green Hair the New It Color? First Willow Smith, Now Pharrell (Oy Vey!) Photos Galore Inside!

Less than a week ago we saw pint-sized Willow Smith dye her hair green. This was another WTF moment from the youngest Smith who we’ve witnessed in funky getups and a shaved head.

But there’s another celeb who’s going green, or at least his hair is anyway. The last time we saw Pharrell Williams, he was at the Oscars rocking a Lanvin suit and working as the show’s musical consultant. That was a few weeks ago. Pharrell was spotted at the Lanvin show during Paris Fashion Week with green hair! Hmm, an 11-year-old girl and a 38-year-old man with the same ‘do?  Interesting to say the least.

Tell us StyleBlazers, is the green hair a hit or miss?

  • Ssimond

    Obviously, this hair color was a mistake.  Probably tried to lighten the hair with semi-perm color, which doesn’t lighten hair.  The process leaves you with the dreaded green locks.

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