Jennifer Lawrence: Top Grossing Actor of 2014

Jennifer Lawrence Made A Lot Of Money In 2014 And This Is What She Wore

Los Angeles premiere of 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1' - Arrivals

Photo: WENN

There’s no doubt that you heard Jennifer Lawrence’s name this year. If you didn’t hear it at any other time it was during the big iCloud hack where so many celebrities found their private photos exposed for all to see. Well, that wasn’t Lawrence’s only public appearance as the actress played in the most recent X-Men film as well as the latest Hunger Games movie, both out this year. With the two films grossing a combined $1.4 billion worldwide to date, Lawrence took home a pretty penny. Couple that with a song that she sang in The Hunger Games going to number 12 in Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, and Lawrence has cinched in the position for top-grossing actor of 2014.

Let’s not forget that she’s a face of Dior. So all that dough and such a high fashion brand deal means that the starlet had quite a few high profile red carpet events to go to along with quite the wardrobe to don for them. Here are just 10 looks from this year alone.