Check Out The World's Most Expensive Sports Bra

Check Out The World’s Most Expensive Sports Bra

So the conversation would probably go like this: Honey do we pay the mortgage this month or buy you that jewel-studded bra you’ve been asking for instead?
BodyRock has introduced The Eternal Love Bra. It consists of a detachable skull zipper and clear Swarovski hearts, and an encrusted neckline of black diamond Swarovski crystals and gold studs. The one-of-a-kind sports bra is made with French silk, a black and gunmetal pattern resembling a skeleton, and an 18-carat gold removable tassel that contains skulls with diamond eyes and clear Swarovski hearts.
The bra is the world’s most expensive sports bra retailing for $21,011.

At $21,011, the Eternal Love bra is the most expensive sports bra on the market. The custom-made bra is the newest edition to the current collection and is available online at

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  • I think I'd rather pay the mortgage.

  • Good post. It's useful knowing the benefits of owning such a bra. Does the glitter and crystals take away from its basic function?