Manolo Blahnik Launches First Ever Men’s Collection

manaolo01Photo: Manolo Blahnik

The designer behind Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite shoes, Manolo Blahnik, is expanding his shoe empire and has launched his first men’s shoe collection.

Manolo Blahnik presented his first men’s collection in London this week, and the shoes will definitely add a pop of color to men’s closets. The collection, which feature suede sandals, laced oxfords and leather boots, will be available for fall. The line also focuses on a square-toe silhouette, which the designer admits can be tricky to pull off.

“I love my new square last. Maybe I’m going against the trend and maybe they won’t sell, but I’m going to do what I want to do,” said Blahnik. “We have the best people in Italy making these shoes. You won’t find better quality.”

Featuring bright blues, greens and reds, the collection is was created for men who like to stand out in a crowd.

Blahnik has created shoes for himself and male friends in the past, but it was the demand from retailers that led him to expand his collection. However, just like his stilettos, the shoes will be of the best quality.

Check out the gallery below for a look at the collection:

[via Footwear News]


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