Fun & Fabulous Tumblr: Runway Shows of The 1990s’ (See Young Naomi, Kate Moss & Treach From Naughty By Nature, Rock the Catwalk!)

We love a good tumblr. Whether its the awesome archives of Ebony Magazine or the Brandy trendsetting obsessives, its always a great source for visual inspiration or at least a good laugh. The lastest tumblr that we’ve been hawking takes us back to one of our favorite eras of fashion, The 1990s!

Plainly titled Runway Shows Of The 1990s, this tumblr shows how 90s fashion was provacative, outlandish, racy and most of all, FUN! In what other era could you see Kate Moss and Treach from Naughty By Nature on the same runway?

For some more 90s fashion mania, check out this throwback flick, Pret-a-Porter. Its a hilarious satirical look at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, chock full of major 90s looks. StlyeBlazers, take a trip back in time, watch the trailer for Pret-a-Porter and check out some of our fave looks from the tumblr Runway Shows Of The 1990s.

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