Exclusive Interview With Miami Artist Kat Dahlia

SB Exclusive: Get To Know Music’s Next It-Girl Kat Dahlia

 kat_dahlia_instagram2Photo: Instagram

Kat Dahlia might not be a household name right now, but that might all change in 2015.

It’s been a bumpy ride for the Cuban-American singer/rapper, who just released her debut album, “My Garden.” Last year, the 24-year-old discovered she had a cyst on her vocal cords, and underwent 8 months of therapy before getting back in the studio and finishing her album.

“It was an emotional roller coaster ride,” Dahlia told us in an exclusive interview of completing the album, which she described as the best songs she wrote in the past three years.

Now, she is finally enjoying the ride and talking about her new album, her musical influence and her style rules (or lack thereof).

kat_dahlia_instagramPhoto: Instagram

When you ask Dahlia who her musical influences are, it sounds more like a record store’s inventory than the inspiration of a Latina artist. However, when you listen to her album, it all makes sense.

“It’s a mixture of genres,” Dahlia said when asked to describe her music. “It’s a little bit of pop, hip-hop, reggae and R&B. Lyrically, it’s a lot of story telling. I’m influenced by everybody from Boyz II Men to Bob Marley to Mariah Carey. A little bit of everything.”

So why did Dahlia decide to name her album “My Garden”?

  • Austin Wilson

    I’m so in love with Kat Dahlia! My eyes have been glued to the screen watching her new video of “My Garden” since the video came out!