And The Next Dior Cruise Collection Will Be Shown In...

And The Next Dior Cruise Collection Will Be Shown In…


Are you ready for a little dose of what we call first world problems? Well fashion shows have been traveling for a while now, the phenom becoming quite a trend in the past 3-5 years. So when they do travel, it’s rarely a surprise, especially when it’s a pre-collection.

This means that when Dior announced that they would be doing a destination collection, we weren’t really shocked.  I mean, they did the cruise collection presentation in 2014 right here in New York. Well over there in Brooklyn, but still in New York! We know because we saw Rihanna and Raf Simons cheesing for photos backstage.

Well for their show this year, the French brand has decided to go a lot further than our backyard.  Dior is taking it to L.A. Yep, you read that right, Raf will be presenting his latest Cruise collection quite a bit closer to Hollywood. And while we’re sure the celebrities are happy about it, we have to figure out our flight plans. Yep, #firstworldprobs.

Dior won’t be the only major brand to show in LA this year though.  Tom Ford has also decided to move is show there this February simply because of where the show falls in respect to the red carpet season calendar. Please don’t make this a trend you guys!