An Expert's Take On How To Save Money On Clothes

I Spent $233 On Clothes Last Year (Plus How You Can Shop Smarter!)

Some people start their year off with lofty resolutions, but on January 1 I had already accomplished a huge feat. For the entire year of 2014, I embarked on what I called my Thrifty Threads 365 challenge. It was pretty simple: I would only shop secondhand stores for all of my fashion needs. That meant I couldn’t spend a single penny on clothes or accessories (except underwear, of course!) I gave myself a monthly budget of $50, but most months I spent nowhere near that amount. My total 2014 tally was just $233 (pats self on the back). I never felt deprived and my closet is full of statement-making pieces. So how exactly did I do it? Check out a few tips to save serious cash on your wardrobe and spend wiser. These are helpful whether you’re thrifting or hitting up a department store.