Angela Ahrendts Made A Lot Of Money Leaving Burberry!

Angela Ahrendts Made A Lot Of Money Leaving Burberry!


It was big news when Angela Ahrendts jumped ship from Burberry. Mainly because Christopher Bailey stepped into the gap she left making him Chief Creative Officer and Chief Executive Officer. The brand has done well since, making it clear that Bailey is just as commercially minded as he is creative.

Ahrendts also made waves because she became one in a string of fashion executives to defect to technology companies, in particular to Apple. And of that string of people, Ahrendts was one of the most notable.

Well for this GirlBoss, the move paid off in spades when it comes to her bank account! With a $500,000 hiring bonus, $70 million in stock awards as well as a $1 million salary and $1.6 million bonus, the brit made quite the pretty penny. In fact she brought in a whopping $73.3 million in her 2014 income package from apple in her first year alone as the head of retail. To make that number even more significant, take into account that her boss, Tim Cook, only brought home $9.2 million. But of course let’s not kid ourselves, Apple’s top tier execs always make big money their first year before things level off. When Cook himself took over as CEO, succeeding Steve Jobs, he brought in $378 million for that year.

But still, go Ahrendts! Girl power!