Jennifer Lopez Covers Vogue Magazine's April 2012 Shape Issue (Does J.Lo Have The Best Body in Hollywood?)

Jennifer Lopez Covers Vogue Magazine’s April 2012 Shape Issue (Does J.Lo Have The Best Body in Hollywood?)

Vogue has been shuffling relevant pop stars around to cover their glossy as opposed to their usual cover choices and we are loving every bit of it. Taylor Swift on the February issue, Adele on March and now Jennifer Lopez covers the April issue of Vogue with the catchy headline, “Jennifer Lopez On Divorce, Motherhood & Looking Fabulously Fit.”

Jennifer is looking svelte  and powerful with her bold red lips and wavy, wet like hair. She’s rumored to be wearing a red dress from the Spring 2012 Bottega Veneta collection. This is the second Vogue cover for Jennifer, we’re itching to see the cover spread and read a juicy editorial about J.Lo happily embracing her new life.



StyleBlazers, does J.Lo have the best body in Hollywood?



Tunisia Z. Wilson


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