15 Healthy Superbowl Snacks For A Guilt-Free Game Day

15 Healthy Snacks For A Guilt-Free Superbowl

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Although we associate Super Bowl fare with greasy and caloric eats, try packing your snack assortment with a healthier spread. Don’t worry, you can still to indulge in game day grub without sacrificing taste or flavor. Whether you like salty or sweet, try serving these 15 big game bites for your hungry party guests. Your body will thank you.

1. Reed’s Ginger Brew

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Substitute beer and processed soft drinks with this natural ginger beer alternative. Add a splash of vodka to make it adult-friendly!

2. Way Better Snacks


Made with organic, sprouted ingredients, enjoy a much healthier snacking experience with this diverse line of chips and crackers.

3. Kind Snacks Strong Bars


Containing ten grams of protein per serving, these KIND bars will satiate your guests appetites in no time.

4. Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Crisps


Not a fan of greasy potato chips? Try these crisps made with aged Parmesan cheese.

5. Tribe Farmer’s Market Hummus


A perfect alternative to fattening dips, these protein-dense products pair nicely with a veggie plate.

6. Veggie Patch Savory Spinach Bites


Tired of pigs in a blanket? Go meatless with these oven-friendly spinach bites rolled in bread crumbs.

7. Emmy’s Organics Chocolate Chip Macaroons


For some sweet treats, serve these raw chocolate chip macaroons made with organic and pure ingredients.

8. Wholly Guacamole

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A huge game day staple, serve this crowd-pleasing dip with tortilla chips.

9. Garden Of Eatin Chips

GOE Chili Lime Chips BAG 8,1 oz

Compliment your dips and salsas perfectly with these organic chips available in convenient party sizes.

10. Rhythm Superfoods Kale Snacks


Munch on these zesty kale chips in between appetizers, as they contain up to six grams of protein and four grams of fiber.



Upgrade your usual nutritional bar with this energizing snack that nourishes your body, while giving a portion of your purchase to the poverty-fighting HOPE International organization.

12. Caveman Buffalo Style Chicken Jerky


Available at The Vitamin Shoppe, indulge the meat lovers with this all-natural jerky made with prime white chicken breast. Boasting 14 grams of protein and being naturally gluten free, say hello to bursting flavor with each bite.

13. Oikos Triple Zero

Oikos Triple Zero Vanilla_Image

Load up on protein with this special yogurt  made without added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

14. Hint Water


A fruitful twist on your water available in mouthwatering flavors like tropical pineapple or sizzling cherry fizz.

15. V8 Vegetable & Juice Blend


Rev up your beverage station with a yummy cocktail of fruits and vegetables, satisfying your tastebuds instantly.

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