Zahara Gets Electric Blue Punk Rocker Braids: WTF is Going on With These Celeb Kids? (Photos Galore)

Zahara Gets Electric Blue Punk Rocker Braids: WTF is Going on With These Celeb Kids? (Photos Galore)

Zahara hit LAX recently with her mom, Angelina and her sister, Shiloh. Little mama was, as always, cute as a button but her hair was rather… interesting. Her new style of fuzzy extensions with jolts of electric blue hair braided raised our eyebrows. Angie and Brad have been known to let their children express themselves freely so, we have questions: Did Zahara do this herself?? Did Angelina attempt and make a mess of it?? What is happening, here? StyleBlazers, take a browse through the pictures below and let us know what you think. 


  • Luvin Trey

    If I had a daughter I really couldnt see myself sayin ‘Sure, You want blue gair-no problem!’ But everybody’s different

  • I think they look good… The only problem I have is why everyone is so focused on Zahara’s hair and not the fact that the Jolie-Pitt boys are completely out of control. Just sayin’.

  • It looks like the youngins weigh more than their mother. 

    So much veins and lines popping up at such a tender age (30s), good riddance. 

  • Henrytopteacher

    Ok so the blue hair is not that bad! My 4 yr old was Uber Cool when he wore his mohawk pink in his football game for breast cancer awareness month! The issue is when you adopt black children and you have that kind of money how hard is it to find a black stylist that knows how to do extentions and who will make it look nice and neat! Really I pay 45.00 for extentions in my little girl’s hair and it doesn’t look like my 11 yr was practicing on her barbie doll! Geesh! When I was a foster mom, I made sure I kept my white female friends on hand to help keep their hair in check, especially when they first came to me with lice. I was befuddled as to what to do! But it didn’t matter that they were in foster care, I wanted them to look loved and well cared for when they went out. Poor little Zahara looks like an afterthought!

  • MissBliss

    whats the big deal, its cute. besides i remeber seeing girls in middle school who put red, blue, magenta, waeave braids in their hair-this is nothing new nor weird in my opinion