This Is How Much Chris Burch Lost In C. Wonder

Revenge Cost Chris Burch How Much When C. Wonder Went Under?!

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When C. Wonder began there was quite a stench about it. If we remember correctly, Vanity Fair wrote this long expose probing into the divorce between Tory and Chris as well as the legal tete-a-tete that was taking place and the impending rival brands. As memory serves even a certain Vogue editor took a stance on the side of Tory.

The conundrum seemed to be this: was Tory Burch all show pony and no workhorse while the real brains was Chris Burch, or was the latter grossly overstating his worth. Well it seems we were destined to find out as Chris launched C. Wonder, a brand that seemed clearly like a knock off of his former wife’s namesake, even down to the merchandising of the stores. The gotcha? Cheaper prices.

As time has come to tell, Chris didn’t have all of his business ducks in a row. This year, as we’ve pointed out C. Wonder announced first that it was closing all retail locations and then they filed for bankruptcy. The new news: just how much that bit of revenge and this head to head cost Mr. Burch.

Reports are saying that Chris Burch sank $70 million in this ill aimed arrow at his former business partner and spouse. As he has other investments, there’s no doubt he’ll earn it back but it actually brings to mind the fact that aside from his work with Tory, Chris has had very little longstanding success. Even his daughters publicly distanced their business from his, even going so far as to say they took advice from their former stepmother but not from their father.

I guess the proof is in the pudding.