See What's Inspiring Designers Before NYFW

See What Is Inspiring Designers This NYFW

nyfw-inspirationPhoto: Christian Siriano sketch; Carlos Campos sketch

We’re just a few days away from diving head first into New York Fashion Week. And although street style peacocks and the who’s who culture has been sullying the integrity of NYFW, we must remember to take a step back and celebrate what makes the week-long escapade special— designers turning a single idea into thoughtful, visionary collections. That’s where the magic within Fashion Week lies. To get back to the roots of what matters, we got an exclusive look at what is inspiring a few designers for Fall 2015. Ideas range as diversely as Christian Siriano’s homage to “the deep, dark  and mysterious creatures from the Congo Jungle in the Central African Republic” to Ernest Alexander’s imagination of the life of a pottery maker.

With a glimpse of designer sketches of key looks, we’re more than anxious to see the inspirations take life in the following days.

Christian Siriano Sketch_Photo: Christian Sirano Fall 2015 sketch

Christian Siriano
“The deep, dark and mysterious creatures from the Congo Jungle in the Central African Republic were my main source of inspiration for my Fall 2015 collection. I was drawn to the home of the silverback gorilla along with other exotic and exquisite creatures. These animals echoed through sleek burnout wool textured dresses, bold animal printed jacquard coats and liquid panther-like velvet evening looks. I wanted the collection to feel luxe and sophisticated but still playful through the ease and fluidity of the silhouettes. Inspired by plant life and the jungle itself are graphic oversized palm printed taffetas and bright citrus embroideries; petal appliques from the African tulip tree and Heliconia plant are a vivid splash of color that brings a dark collection to life. I wanted this collection to feel elegant, powerful, bold but still romantic for the Christian Siriano woman this season.”

CarlosCampos_Pantone sketchPhoto: Carlos Campos Fall 2015 sketch

Carlos Campos
“I discovered Rafafans’ work while walking the streets of Lima, and became fascinated by his use of patterns and collage to create new textures over existing images. Although the essence of the image was recognizable, what was done to it rendered it completely new and almost surreal. My designs this season leverage the power of texture and shape to appear subtly different depending on the viewing angle – I love the idea of playing with perception. This collection is about the transformative powers of art to change perception – change in the eye of the beholder. My designs this season leverage the power of texture and shape to appear different depending on the viewing angle.  You could say that this fall for me, texture is the new black.”

DH Sketch 1Photo: David Hart Fall 2015 sketch

David Hart
“The Fall 2015 collection is inspired by the American Southwest and Spaghetti Western films of the late 1960’s.  I was inspired by Hollywood’s glorification of the American West during the 19th century and how it was adapted for the screen during that era.  This collection is a polished buttoned up vision of that with some nods to real western workwear, authentic 19th century prints, and stylized Western prints from the 1960s.”

Lucio Castro sketch1_resizedPhoto: Lucio Castro Fall 2015 sketch

Lucio Castro
“This season we’ve been captured by the hypnotic made-for-tv movie “Ubu Roi” by Jean Christophe Averty in 1965. Based on the revolutionary play by Alfred Jarry, considered by many the first sign of modernism, we took three words from it and used them as a motto in our collection: despotic, dada snd royal. And also, a sense of alluring repetition that is so relevant right now through the extensive use of .gifs and memes.”

À MOI AW15 illustration_allPhoto: A Moi Fall 2015 sketch

A Moi
“For the fall 2015 collection, I looked to the diversity within culinary arts as inspiration. Similar to a gourmet rendez-vous, this collection blends together the perfect balance of flavor, spice and colors–ingredients for the perfect dish. I was inspired by different antique and international recipe books collected throughout the years and also kitchen decor elements such as table settings and chef’s apparel. Illustrations, fonts and different languages seen within these books helped formulate the silhouettes and color palettes for the collections, while classic table linens such as plaid and gingham are patterns seen throughout key pieces.” — Alejandra Alonso, designer

ErnestAlexander_SketchPhoto: Ernest Alexander Fall 2015 sketch

Ernest Alexander
“The inspiration for our FW15 collection began while I was on a brief retreat in a cabin in upstate New York.  It was a rented place from an artisan who had lived there for most of his life, working as a local pottery maker and craftsman.  Throughout the house were some of his works; sculptured pieces and photographs inspired by the southwest, native, and Aztec traditions filled with rich colors found in nature around the cabin.  Olives, moss greens, and browns, punches of vibrant reds and blues and touches of rustic orange and yellows.  From these colors and concepts, we began to build our own perception of this man’s life, conjuring up ideas of his travels, the things he may have owned or collected, how he dressed, and so on.  As a result, this season tells a story about a romantic, a wandering traveler, interested in the world around him and intent of preserving what he saw by reinterpreting it in his own dress and art.”

HF Sketch GPhoto: Hickey Freeman Fall 2015 sketch

Hickey Freeman
“The Fall 2015 Hickey Freeman Sportswear collection is inspired by the early days of aviation in the United States and abroad.  There are modernized military details that run through the collection that have been updated in a modern luxurious way.  The collection was also inspired by German modernist photographer Willi Ruge’s iconic parachuting series photographs from the early 1930s.”

GENTS Fall 2015_4Photo: Gents Fall 2015 sketch

“The Gents Fall 2015 caps and apparel collection was inspired by motorcycle racing. We took cues from the clean lines and contrast bold colors found on riders’ gear, and translated it into a cohesive line of luxury basics.”

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