15 Diet Trends To Try In 2015

15 Diet Trends To Try This 2015

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We may be heading headfirst into the dead of winter, but that shouldn’t halt your healthy resolutions to a fizzling flat. We know it’s hard to stay motivated during the uninspiring, treacherous months, so if you’re looking to make necessary health goals, we’ve got 15 different diet plans to give you the boost you crave. From simple switch-ups to holistic based plans, find your diet personality easily with these inspiring ideas.

1. The Engine 2 Diet

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Ridding your diet of meat, dairy and processed foods, this special diet focuses on adding whole plant-based foods into your repertoire instead. Created by former Texas firefighter Rip Esselstyn, this diet is ideal for those who want major improvement in their health. The full line of special products is available at Whole Foods Market, so be sure to hop on over to the nearest store to try the complete experience.

2. The Blood Type Diet


Thanks to special technology that allows you to create special diets based on your own DNA, blood type diets are all the rage.  For example, the Swami XPress offers 12,600,000 individual calculations on nutrient values of 800 different foods to determine which foods will yield the healthiest results for you.

3. KAMUT® Wheat

Kamut grain

KAMUT Wheat helps you get your daily intake of protein, minerals and nutrients. Easier to digestive, expect this modern wheat alternative to boast staying power in the food world.

4. Detox Meal Plans

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Emphasis on organic, plant-based foods continue its popularity in 2015. With plans like the DL revamp, you can get your body back in balance with easy pre-made meals.

5. Reduced Calorie Diets: Diet Enlightenment

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Perfected by Rachel Pires, this diet plan is broken up into three concepts including: perfecting calorie counting, the art of choosing what you eat, and how to never fail at listening to your body. What makes this program unique is, you’re only counting calories (not worrying about carbs, fat, etc.) and you can essentially eat whatever you want.

6. The Paleo Trend


Making headlines in the food world, paleo diets have re-emerged, taking us back to the days of our ancestors. Solely consuming foods like lean meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds can be a challenge to some, but with cookbook inspiration from Julie Bauer, you’ll continue to be satiated!

7. Souping Trend

FF Soups

Expect souping to pop up on wellness blogs everywhere, as they offer the body a plethora of benefits. To achieve this trend, it’s best to choose soups with organic and GMO-free ingredients. We like Functional Formularies because they include macronutrients, necessary calories and amino acids with every sip.

8. The Power Of Mushrooms


Medicinal herbs like mushrooms are making a comeback! They bring amazing benefits to your body— fast. Variations like chaga, reishi and cordyceps are a popular way to boost immunity and overall energy levels throughout your workday.

9. The Creative Process Diet


Taking a more psychological approach, this diet plan utilizes practicing the art of self-mastering by planning daily meal plans throughout the day and sticking to them. Check out the plan’s corresponding book to learn how to use dieting to activate profound psychological and spiritual transformation.

10. Juice Detox RX


You don’t have to juice cleanse for a week to feel its powerful benefits, thanks to three-day programs like the Kaeng Raeng cleanse. It promises no starving or fasting while ridding the body from toxins.

11. Daniel Plan

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Focusing on the five key essentials: faith, food, fitness, focus and friends, this 40-day plan’s organizational focus makes it easy to stay on track. Plus, with cookbooks, DVDs and study guides, you’ll stay inspired throughout the diet duration.

12. The Bead Diet


Broken down into three parts, this innovative diet plan focuses on acupressure, balanced nutrition and Chi Gong breathing for a more natural approach to weight loss that promises a minimum of 15 lbs of only fat per month.

13. Tea Tox

Detox 8.8 oz Tin

If you can’t fathom a juice cleanse, this trend has you sipping detoxifying tea instead. Although there is no research to back the effectiveness of this trend, it doesn’t hurt to sip the Kusmi Detox blend instead of that calorie-rich java.

14. Plant Based Proteins Like Moringa: Kuli Kuli


Plant-based proteins like moringa are hopping up on the diet and fitness sphere as of late. They contain two times the protein of yogurt, three times the potassium of bananas and four times the calcium of milk. For your moringa fix, Kuli Kuli offers dietary supplements you can work in your everyday routine.

15. Ditch & Switch Technique


One of the fastest ways to make simple change in your diet comes from swapping out sugary carbonated beverages for flavored sparkling water. Saving yourself calories, unwanted sugar and artificial sweeteners, La Croix proves to be a healthier alternative to sodas and energy drinks.

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