StyleBlazer Survey: Kimora Lee Simmons' Sheer Top & Neon Bra (Is It Fab Or Drab?)

StyleBlazer Survey: Kimora Lee Simmons’ Sheer Top & Neon Bra (Is It Fab Or Drab?)

Kimora Lee Simmons knows how to make an entrance, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from the former model. While on the “fuschia” carpet at her Just Fabulous party in L.A., she epitomized the casual chic look.

An all black ensemble can be a bit boring, but she dressed up the leggings and flowy top with a bright cropped jacket and studded pumps. The look is definitely StyleBlazer Approved and it’s even affordable (the jacket is Zara!). But once the flash bulbs went off, we realized Kimora made a serious fashion faux pas. Her top was a wee bit sheer and once the cameras went off, we saw Kimora’s neon bra underneath.

Hmm, maybe she intended for her unmentionables to be seen?

  • Thebaseshow

    When you become someones mother , you should respect your kids, you dont want your daughters freinds staring at your boobs.

  • iReezy

    I think she looks cute.  She remembered to wear a bra, which is more than I can say for other “fashionable”(or questionable in my opinion) celebs.  The jacket, which is too cute, really takes it from attention sloring to just remaining the chic and trendy woman that she is.

  • Just fine

    Hmmm…she looks really nice but something is a little off…could she be preggo, that face & her thighs are looking a little more plump than usual or it could just be me…either way she looks good & the neon bra is hardly screaming slore.

    • Michellelemon


  • Huh

    She needs liposuction on her face and neck

  • skylark149

    I’m a big Kimora fan, but this is way to young/unsophisticated for her now. She needs to move on and start dressing for this stage of her life. She shouldn’t try to wear everything she’s likes or designed.