Missy Elliott is Baaaack! See Her 7 Best Beauty Moments + Fab Cameo in J. Cole’s New Video

In the latest J. Cole video "Nobody's Perfect," the one and only Missy Elliot makes a surprise cameo.  It is anticipated to be one of many, as she is planning on releasing her 7th album, produced by Timbaland, this June.  In the 4 minute video, Missy looks stunningly gorgeous rocking her usual asymmetrical cropped cut adding bright bold eye color to her flawless brown canvas. And on a fashion note,  it wouldn't be Missy without studs, leather  and oversized hoops sprinkled in the mix.

We missed the gifted rapper/producer so much that we put together our favorite style and beauty looks from the chick who made wearing a garbage bag hot. Check them out in the gallery below...

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  • My_Mind_Speaks

    I really miss her rapping…


  • Goddess8281

    Omg! It’s about time! I have missed her being on the scene. She makes fun music. Her looks on Da Real World and So Addicted Album covers were hot too.