StyleBlazer TV Exclusive: Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose ‘Styled By June’ Press Screening Party (Jay-Z Made A Dapper Appearance!)


According to June Ambrose, “fashion is about self-expression and a statement about our time.” And judging from her laundry list of a-list clientele and 20+ years working in the industry, the sistah’ who showed us how to properly wear a turban has finally be given what she undoubtedly deserves: a fabulous reality show on VH1 fittingly entitled, Styled By June.

We caught up with pint-size fashion expert at the swank Crosby Hotel in SoHo, NYC, to talk X-Factor, earning credibility as a globally respected style authority, and how Styled by June stands out from the bevy of fashion reality shows currently flooding the networks.

We’ve given you too much already, stop what you’re doing and indulge in the video above. And when you’re done, take a peek at a few snapshots from the star-studded event in the gallery below.



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  1. says:

    Why can’t he be natural like that with how own wife???? You nevvvvvvvvver see jay z and beyonce interact like they are married or care about each other. They’re both so cold and show no warmth. He nevvvvver holds her hand. Barely wraps his arm around her. Helps her out of a car. He didn’t do any of this, even when beyonce was (supposedly) pregnant. They are so fake and unnatural. 

  2. says:

    bey and jay don’t love each other like that. they just have a baby together

  3. says:

    they look great togther…hummmm

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