7 Best Celebrity Slimdowns: From Curvy To Skinny, Peep These Fit & Fierce Divas!

  • Liliah

    Some of the don’t look that changed..y’all need old fat pictures

  • Rayjulian85

    Raven looks the same in both shots lol…I think you guys need to step up your before and after game juuuuuust a tad bit 

  • Alto

    The problem with the before and after shots is that many of these women have lost even more weight than these pictures show, especially Raven. 

     Personally, I could care less.  I’m not obsessed with other people’s weight.  As long as they are happy with themselves, I’m happy for them though.  

  • Chileplease

    Jordin is the best by far. The rest of them… uh….. I couldn’t tell which was before or after.  Jennifer and her now skinny CELULITE filled legs look atrocious btw and she needs a stylist STAT!

  • Lis

    Khloe needs to put it back on if that’s a recent pic

  • Shay

    Yeah, Ravon Simone is much smaller now.

  • 38geezbytch

    j-hud u look great & we’re all soooooooooooooooo proud of u but if ur stylist won’t tell u i will. cover ur thighs. the cellulite iz pronounced & ur redundant skin izn’t so pretty.

  • 38ghugehibeamz

    j-hud since ur stylist won’t tell u i will. cover ur redundant skin & jigglin’ cellulite. ur cute, itz not.

  • Sam22483

    Khole looks great!!!

  • Ange248

    JHud is very beautiful

  • Jonathan

    Kelly Osborn looks nice but she has been around Joan Rivers too much. Kelly looks like a healthy 40 year old

  • Guest

    Isn’t that one of Mariah Carey’s prego pics? I could swear it is the same outfit. Pregnant isn’t overweight. Some of them I can’t even tell a difference, not that I care much, but I looked out of curiosity.

  • LuisaNTexas

    Khloe is my favorite Kardashian and she looks amazing!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Melissa-Hamari/100000076759308 Melissa Hamari

    Yeah, I agree with Ray there, but I think both Raven and Mo’Nique look the same in before and after.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.bresnihan Jonathan Shyjayb Bresnihan

    Jordin Sparks and Jennifer Hudson are epic examples of beautiful women who looked 10x better BEFORE they lost the damn weight.

  • noneya

    Call me crazy but Raven Simone actually looks thinner in the before pic…

  • noneya

    Kelly Osbourne can lose all the weight she wants, but she will still have that giant man jaw.

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