Play Date Please! 8 Celebrity Dads Who Make Parenting Look So Good

The weekend’s here!  For many of us that means boozin,’ brusin,’ and cruzin’ the city for love.  But for those of us with kids that may mean sippy-cups, boo-boos, and strolling through the park for playtime.

Kids are some of the most fun you can have sober, and no one knows this better than a parent.  Just look at celebrities.  You’d be hard pressed to find a celeb with tots who’s not trotting about town doing this, that, or the other with their ‘mini-me.’  And while mommies always hold it down, we wanted to take a special look at the hot Hollywood dads who are the cutest with their kids during daddy’s-day-out.

Check out eight of our favorite famous fathers that make parenting look so good!





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  1. says:

    such a cute post!!

  2. says:

    Every time you see Will Smith & his kids, they’re posing for the papparazzi. This actually shows that he’s NOT a good dad. Then, top it off with the fact that his kids have no talent…lame.

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