StyleBlazer Beauty: Fight Frizz & Calm Curls with This Keratin Treatment (Did We Mention It’s Formaldehyde Free!)

Keratin treatments have been a hot topic the last two years after the FDA deemed the ones containing formaldehyde (yep, the stuff they put inside dead bodies) unsafe.  Since then, women everywhere have scrambled around looking for alternatives that didn’t require gas masks, but would still ensure smoother and frizzy-free hair.  Enter Keratin Perfect.

Keratin Perfect is a formaldehyde-free keratin treatment that, while it doesn’t promise to completely straighten your hair, battles humidity and frizz for up to 30 days to ensure more tamed tresses.  Easy to use at home, simply apply the keratin treatment to your hair; wait 48 hours before getting your hair wet; and then maintain your calmed curls with Keratin Perfect products like the Perfect Renew Daily Keratin Replenishing Spray.  Expect results to last up to a month!


You can grab the 30-Day Brazilian Hair Smoothing System Essentials Collection contains all you need for two full smoothing treatments and after care, and is currently available at Sephora.


 StyleBlazers, would you fight frizz & smooth your curls with this keratin hair treatment?


Danielle Gray

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