DealBlazer Discount: 20% off ALL Candles at (They Double as Massage Oil & Moisturizer) Until March 21st!

DealBlazer Discount: 20% off ALL Candles at (They Double as Massage Oil & Moisturizer) Until March 21st!

When it comes to fashion, of course StyleBlazer has you covered. But, now that DealBlazer is a new addition to the site, we’re adding home accessories to the mix. These soy-based products by No. 9 Candle Co. will not only brighten your mood, but fill your space with a lovely aroma. It’s all about feng shui people!

The duo behind the company, Alicia Rodrigo and Yasmine Parrish, became friends while taking fashion classes at Howard University. Their bond continued as they journeyed to L.A. to pursue careers in fashion PR. It didn’t take long for them to realize that their labor of love wasn’t paying enough to support their lifestyles, so they were bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. As style connoisseurs and beauty lovers, the pair contemplated hosting regular sample sales and in-home kids’ spa parties (before realizing they could hardly paint nails).

Ultimately, their love for fragrances like Miss Dior Cherie and Flower Bomb led them to explore the candle-making world. Hours of mixing ingredients and accidentally spilling hot wax all over Parrish’s apartment resulted in a handful of natural, incredibly delicious candles. “We test tons of scent combinations, and when we come across one that’s amazing, it makes all the testing worth it,” Parrish said. Not only can you illuminate a room with them, but they also double as a moisturizer and massage oil.

No. 9 Candle Co. currently offers a mixture of floral scents like the freesia-infused Comfort, and citrusy options like Sunshine No. 9, which is a blend of grapefruit and papaya. Grab a few for your home and pick up a few for Mother’s Day. Even the packaging is fancy.



Discount Details: 20% on all candles from March 16, 2012 through March 21, 2012 10:59am EST. Simply log onto and enter “LOVESTYLEBLAZER” at checkout.


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Maiya Norton