Fierce. Retro. One Of A Kind. Solange Knowles Does Stunning Photo Shoot for 'London Evening Standard' Magazine

Fierce. Retro. One Of A Kind. Solange Knowles Does Stunning Photo Shoot for ‘London Evening Standard’ Magazine

She may be Beyoncé’s little sister, but Solange is definitely the reigning “Diva” of the fashion world.  And it’s clear as day that S. Knowles is a force to be reckoned with. This girl continues to get better and better in each editorial she’s featured  in, serving up pure fierceness and originality. The style maven appears on the cover of Time Out New York‘s “Spring Issue,” and now she gets ultra glam overseas, in the latest issue of the London England Standard.

In the feature, she finally gives us a little secret to her consistent fabulousness and even dropped some info on what it was like growing up a Knowles. The stunningly gorgeous aunt of Blue Ivy discusses the sexual vibe of her album, “there’s a lot of sexual vibes on it. I think I just finally started having good sex. This woman came up to me the other day and said, “You know, I think people dress a lot better when they’re in love with themselves, with other people, or with where their life is.” Frisky. We love it.


Only Solange could make a bowling alley this fly. She channels the 50’s and 60′ s and gives it a modern-day, Solange-exclusive twist. Wearing luxurious pieces from Nina Ricci to Diane von Furstenberg, and every noted designer in between, she gets fiercer with every click of the camera. Get ’em, Solange!

Check out the exquisite editorial starring fashion’s new “It” girl.


  • Jumelle

    Absolutely Gorgeous! I hope people will start respecting her as an INDIVIDUAL-

  • Lala.smith

    she is stuning and i love how she has her on swagger people can learn from her in many ways RESPECT SOLANGE !!

    • Omnia64

      Yes I agree with your comment!!  150%


    doing her own thing “NOT JUST BEY’ONCE LITTLE SISTER” JUST A NATURAL…great for her and she is SMART…that not heard to see either…

  • Margo

    She is stunning! Love it!

  • hey my friend did her makeup for this shoot!!!! so proud of em both solange for stepping out as not just beyonces lil sis AGAIN and my good friend or landing this shoot! Jessica smalls on fb! lol hey why not!/GorJessMua  & @gorjessma on instagram

  • justtwo post

    Wow she looks amazing! All she has to do now is get her attitude in check.

  • Kpn

    YES!!  YES!!!  YES!!!!!!!

  • She did a wonderful job..but then look at what she had to work with.  But, not to take away from her work.. she looks just wonderful.

  • and her hair – love it .. bring back that natural look for the black woman and show that it is acceptable for print and runway

  • Lynsu


  • Misscoliahl

    I LOVE IT!!…The more I see her becoming her own woman and truly finding herself and her individuality…the more I respect and love her as a person. SOLANGE IS A STRONG WOMAN. Beyonce is a great entertainer, but if I had to hang out with one or the other it would DEFINITELY be Solange. 

  • Cheri

    She only has one child. 

  • Jesse

    I just flagged you as an inappropriate pompus a-hole…

    • Chichibaby

      I totally agree. The only resone she gets work is because she is beyonce little sister. She is so irrelevant and now all of a sudden she is trying to be beyonce’s opposite by going “naural” puhleaase! All of it is manufacured for the gullible public. #lame 

  • She’s beautiful.  

  • Siren84

    Very beautiful.

  • Everyone loves everything no matter how lame and unoriginal it is…..

  • Lystra Laurent

    I always said that she have a style of her own,she looks amazing,keep doing your thing Solange you are rocking……….!!!!!!!

  • Prinzez

    i know, right!!!! Just EVIL!!!

  • finetina05

    I this womans style i took her a while to figure it out exactly but once she did she has killed it.

  • DCR1

    Fabulous! She nailed those pics I think she’s found a winner!

  • DevGill

    beautiful. being Beyonces sister helps get in… she can run.