Spring Beauty Must-Have: Waterproof Your Makeup With This Celebrity Wonder Tool (Britney, Gaga, & Madonna Swear By It!)

 As the weather warms up, it seems like the sun starts to melt everything in its path, including your make up.  But this spring, you can say goodbye to the times when your mascara and eyeliner are gone by the end of the day. Skindinavia is coming to the rescue!

This lasting finishing spray keeps every little makeup application in tact for hours on end, just as fresh as when its first put on. The wonderful tool is used by Lady Gaga’s, Madonna’s, and Britney Spears’ make up artists,  and it completely preserves their beauty looks from melting, even when they’re performing under bright lights.

Fresh make up all day long is going to be paramount during the hotter months, so make sure you do yourself a favor and pick up this must-have beauty product! Skindinavia, $19/2 oz or $29/4 oz.

Check out Skindinavia on today’s biggest pop darlings.

Lady Gaga

  • Yaya

    The makers of this product must have paid top dollar for this full page ad you call a story.

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