Kate Spade Debuts Candy Colored Watches with Cute Sayings (Get The Deets on This Playful Accessory)

Designer Kate Spade hones a special kind of girly cuteness that works for grown women.  Without being cloying or tooth-achingly sweet, Spade creates the kind of clothes, shoes and accessories that make women want to bat their lashes and give you a twirl.  Just in time for spring’s first flushes, Spade has debuted her first line of watches.  And as is expected, they’re candy colored with a cheeky sense of humor.  In hues of sunshine yellow, pool blue and posy pink, each timepiece bears a funny inscription discreetly hidden on the inside of the band.  Now you can pick the perfect color and saying that matches your spring style. 

Check out our faves below.


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