7 Runway Bound Celebrity Kids: We Think Designers Would Love These Little Ones!

Fact: these days celebrity kids are just as famous as their parents. Also fact: part of the appeal of a celebrity kid is the anticipation for the greatness they’re assumed to be destined for.  And this is most true for the big crop of famous offspring from births during the hollywood baby boom circa the mid 2000’s.  While the obvious bets may fall in line with the occupation of their parents, in movies, music, or even politics, we’re placing a different wager on a select few mini media obsessions.

We’ve been watching seven young stars who we think are not just cute, but also runway bound!  Be it their lanky limbs or mesmerizing eyes, these PYT’s would make magnif’ models.  See our top picks for runway-bound celebrity kids…


Zahara Jolie Pitt

Parents: Brad Pitt & Angelina Joilie

Designers Would Love: Her beautiful skin and unmistakable ears!


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  • Trisha_B

    Good list. I would probably throw Tank’s daughter, Zoey, on here too. She would do good in print. 

    • ZoUgly

      You are clearly that kids mother or PR/agent. Pathetic plugging. Zoey would have been better looking as a boy. She has yet to grow into her looks as a girl.

    • ZoUgly

      That kid is ugly

    • ZoUgly

      Stop the shameless plugging. Zoey is ugly

      • Trisha_B

        You are so ignorant! How can you call a baby ugly. Put your pic up. Do you have kids? Let me see their pictures. I’m not Zoey’s mother or PR agent. I visit the blog BCK that post black celebrity kids & Zoey’s featured on there. That little girl is beautiful. smh people like you are pathetic!

      • Trisha_B

        Ignorant & pathetic. That’s all i have you…& no i’m not her mother or pr agent smh

  • woodyblack

    The only thing these kids have is famous parents. PERIOD! There is NOTHING that would otherwise make these kids model material. This is corny.