The Top 10 Celebrity TwitPics We Can’t Get Enough Of (Oh Those Celebrities…)

  • devotee86

    Why is kris jenners stomach shaped like that….one….rihannas tattoo is really corny….two….chris brown seems so immature to me…three…lady gaga looks like she got a face transplant….four….demi moore has cancer hips…..five….50 cent should go kill hisself….six..

    • lady0510

      Agree w all the above lol

    • kristin

      1. planking isn’t immature [and i hate chris brown, fyi]… 2. kris jenner’s shaped like that cause she’s PREGNANT… 3. lady gaga’s gorgeous w/o makeup… 4. you should NEVER talk about cancer in a joking, unless you have it or you really want too… 5. Get a life and stop looking at everything so negatively!

  • Tomisha_Coleman

    This kim pic should of been shut down sooner. Like before she did it. Lmao

  • Alib1121

    Your is possessive, You’re is YOU ARE.  Proofread.

    • marrvviinn

      Judging by the frequency and simplicity of the errors I suspect its education rather than proofing that is lacking.

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