The Top 10 Celebrity TwitPics We Can’t Get Enough Of (Oh Those Celebrities…)

It seems like Twitter runs the world even more than girls, and since its inception celebrities and their publicists have been at war.  The social network connecting everyday people with their worshipped idols, on the minute, allows celebrities to give their fans a more personal glimpse into their lives, but in many cases it seems like these celebs are way too bored during their downtime.

Of course, their down time makes perfect entertainment for all of us so we just had to round-up the most shocking celebrity TwitPics from our favorite starlets. Brace yourself StyleBlazers, here goes…


Chelsea Handler & 50 Cent

This match-up alone was shocking.  Two years ago the comedian tweeted a pic of herself with then beau, 50 cent, all over each other.  The photo not only confirmed months of speculation but proved they were clearly having a little too much fun in Tinseltown.


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  • devotee86

    Why is kris jenners stomach shaped like that….one….rihannas tattoo is really corny….two….chris brown seems so immature to me…three…lady gaga looks like she got a face transplant….four….demi moore has cancer hips…..five….50 cent should go kill hisself….six..

    • lady0510

      Agree w all the above lol

    • kristin

      1. planking isn’t immature [and i hate chris brown, fyi]… 2. kris jenner’s shaped like that cause she’s PREGNANT… 3. lady gaga’s gorgeous w/o makeup… 4. you should NEVER talk about cancer in a joking, unless you have it or you really want too… 5. Get a life and stop looking at everything so negatively!

  • Tomisha_Coleman

    This kim pic should of been shut down sooner. Like before she did it. Lmao

  • Alib1121

    Your is possessive, You’re is YOU ARE.  Proofread.

    • marrvviinn

      Judging by the frequency and simplicity of the errors I suspect its education rather than proofing that is lacking.