Sharam Diniz Joins Nasty Gal Roster! (Peep Her Modeling The Store’s Hottest Spring Styles + Purchase Them!)

One of our favorite online retailers, Nasty Gal, added a new model to their roster and we couldn’t be happier!  Nasty Gal has a history of choosing the coolest up and coming models to be featured in their online lookbooks and product shots, but this time they’ve decided to add a little chocolate to the mix.  Enter Portuguese model, Sharam Diniz.  The 5’10” beauty owned the rocker cool vibe of Nasty Gal’s latest fashions with an effortless ease.  We can’t wait to see more of Sharam Diniz and the work she has in store!

Peep seven of our favorite spring/summer product picks that Sharam modeled for Nasty Gal.


Modeling the Sticks & Stones Knit Dress


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  1. says:

    She’s an angolan model not belizian

  2. says:

    This ish looks cheap.. looks like ish Rihanna would wear without underwear on.

  3. says:

    She is from Angola…give Africa some pride!! smh

  4. says:

    Sharam Diniz  is Angolan, not Portuguese……

  5. says:

    She’s both angolan and portuguese. and she grew up in angola until college.

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