Ciara Debuts “New” M.I.A-Style ‘Do In Twitpic (Is Ciara Having an Identity Crisis or Does She Deserve Late Pass?)

There comes a time in every pop princess’ life when she must reinvent herself.  But it probably shouldn’t be into someone else.  It’s been a while since Ciara headlined anything aside from a ‘spotted’ feature on StyleBlazer, or any other site for that matter.  And While we admire her ability to remain relevant—if for nothing else other than being a human clotheshanger—her recent style choices have had us shooting her the ‘side-eye.’

First it was the double-hue ‘do she did shortly after Rihanna debuted her brown-rooted blond hair that had every fashionista whistling foul.  Now, it seems Cee Cee’s switched up her hair a bit, but, surprise-surprise, we’ve seen it somewhere else on someone else before.  Although she kept the tresses long, she appears to have reduced the amount of brunette by lightning more of the strands to a brighter blond.  Doesn’t sound too criminal, right?  However, when Ciara debuted the new hairstyle in a twitter pic the heavy blonde comb-over and bright red lipstick screamed M.I.A.

Peep this side-by-side of the two celebs…


StyleBlazers, is Ciara having an identity crisis or is her style just stale?





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