Currently Trending: Accessorizing Your Fresh Fade with Edgy Accessories (Next New Crazy or Just Plain Crazy?)


Since most pop stars are trying to out do each other by seeing who’s a badder bada$$, it’s hard to keep up with every edgy trend that debuts back to back.  But Cassie and her insurmountable beauty showed off a possible new beauty trend in the latest Clam Magazine—a pub devoted to innovation in  fashion, art, architecture and music—that made us take notice.


The model turned “singer” added some spiky studs and gold baubles to the shaven sides of her already over-the-top hairstyle she has been killing for the past few years…and killed it again.  She’s pictured above in California’s Mojave desert rocking her gold head ornaments and giving face for days.  Edgy head accessories seem to be a developing trend, as pop-rocker Kesha also recently debuted her own studded-out shaven head via Twitter.  We’re not too sure how these gals got the adornments to stick, but we are admittedly intrigued and can’t wait to see how far this style will go.




StyleBlazers, is this the next big thing for edgy-girl beauty?


-Tunisia Z. Wilson


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